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Simplifying Universe is a self-help blog by Manas Madrecha with inspirational poems, thriller stories, motivational articles and relationship advice.

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Gaining public prominence by delivering inspiring speeches at school and owing to his friendly nature, the author started a Facebook group years ago on spirituality and motivation for life that garnered over a thousand requests in a couple of months. In little span of time, he had his fan-page with over 500 likes, to connect with his dear seekers. Some of the common things that inspired the author to launch this blog were: Performing in front of audience, public-speaking, decoding scriptures, interpreting spirituality, liking for rhymes, stupid teenage gossips, misconceptions about love and time & again request from his beloved friends & admirers.


The complexity of the universe is what makes it so mysterious. But, to absorb the enigma of beauty, we need to ponder and simplify things. Merely accepting something just because someone said so earlier or someone says so now, is not logical. One must not deny the Truth, but isn't it better to comprehend it, decode it and simplify it? Believing is illusion... Knowing is unveiling that illusion. And Simplifying is what makes the process faster and easier. This blog is a humble attempt to discuss social issues, clarify misconceptions, cherish the art of poetry and unearth techniques of self-elevation.


Manas Madrecha firmly asserts that sadness is a stupid emotion, and he ceaselessly works for the eradication of this stupidity. Out of the immense coverage of topics that this blog's articles will touch, some of the prominent fields will be
Staying Happy,
Being Inspired,
Motivational Poems,
Knowing Love,
Relishing Teenage,
Breaking Stereotypes,
Transpiring Politics,
Comprehending Religion,
Understanding Spirituality,
Rediscovering Life...


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Bhala Ho (Stay blessed)