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The mercurial temperament of human nature never ceases to amaze me. Each of us, with the entirety of our passion, make big commitments of changing oneself for the greater good, but frankly how many of us adheres to them? With the advent of 2016, we shall decide our resolutions, and pledge certain things to our self. But with the passage of time, how many of us will stick to them?

I will change myself. I will be in touch with my near and dear ones, throughout the year. I will no longer be gripped by despondency. I will no longer drink alcohol or eat non-veg. With such ease we make such resolutions, but what happens when the time comes to abide by them?
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What is important: Past, Present or Future?

Between Past, Present and Future, what matters the most? How to be happy and how to stay happy every moment? Around which phase of Time should our life revolve to make the most of life? Some would say the answer lies in ignoring the past, focusing on Present and preparing for the future. But, is it so simple? Which is the most important period of life in your life, that shall help you to be and stay happy. Let's analyze logically.

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Your Past Makes You Happy

Suppose today, your day didn't go well. And you are dejected about it, which even prompts you to rethink whether your life is happy. Then you recollect your cheerful old days of Past. As long as I have such beautiful memories, I shall be happy. It brings a smile upon your face. So, what made you happy now? Living in the Present? No! So, the answer is: your Past makes you happy.

Your Present Makes You Happy

But on the other hand, suppose you are a person who's being acclaimed and hailed by all, and pangs of jealousy erupt within those around you, seeing you. But, did you have an awesome life all along? No. Despite your popularity today, Your Past was marked by struggles, taunts and criticism. So, does your Past make you happy? No. So, the answer is: your Present makes you happy.

So, finally, what is important: To have a good Past or to have a good Present? Because, everything is mind game. Whatever you presume to be important, shall only matter. Thus, it's important to know what should be good.

Your Future Makes You Happy

So I think neither Past nor Present matters. Because, Past has gone away and present is soon to go away as well. What difference does it make if Past was good, when Past in itself is no more! What difference does it make if Present is good, when Present in itself is about to become Past soon! So, it's your Future that should be good.

Manas Madrecha quotes that: "It is on the banks of hope, the river of life flows." The hope that tomorrow's going to be better and more fruitful than today or yesterday keeps us going on. You may have a pathetic past or even a miserable present, but if your future's good, then everything's good. So, the answer is: your Future makes you happy.

But, the counterargument is that Future doesn't have an existence of its own. So, again the question comes back to - What should be good: Past or Present?

I think it's our past that should be good. Why? Because, everything ultimately turns into Past. In the end, what shall matter is how well you lived and what a jovial collection of memories you have. So, even now if you have such a collection of wonderful past, then it's sufficient.

But, if we become content with having a good Past, then won't we be limiting our good times? Our efforts shall attenuate and we shall no longer strive for betterment. The disregard of Present, overshadowed by the feeling of complacency with Past, shall in turn ruin our Present, which shall eventually ruin our Past, because Present ultimately becomes Past.


Now, we have come closer to unraveling the unanswered question finally.

The fact is that past is bygone and future lies in nonentity. Thus, the only alternative left to be made good is Present.
For Past to be good, focus should be on flourishing the Present. Then Past will instinctively be nourished, for if Present is an acorn, Past is its oak tree.
For Future to be good, yet again the focus should be on improving the Present, because for Future to actualize, it has to first materialize into Present.

So, what is important: Past, present or future?
The answer is: Every phase of Time matters.
And on what should our focus be? It's your PRESENT, so that Past or Future will be taken care of automatically.

Was it so simple? Yes, it was, is and will be.

© by Manas Madrecha
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Superheroes don’t exist - Inspirational Story

As we grow up, we cut wings of our imagination and form rigid opinions that in turn becomes dogma of your life. Here's an inspirational story by Manas Madrecha that hopes to rekindle your belief and make you acquaint with the fact that nothing that stifles your beliefs is incontrovertibly true, because Truth is collateral to perceptions. After all, a person may be just another individual to you; but for that person, you may be the whole world.

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