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We are surrounded by stupidity - demoralizing allegations, demotivating comments, dejecting criticism and forlorn you-can't-do-this label! But that is not a relevant fact. Unfortunately, the relevant fact is many of us tend to believe this stupidity and in turn demean our awesomeness.

We have been told sometimes to limit our vision, because some things are just not what we can achieve. You should try something else, because you are not capable or you don't have the ability. But, stupid are those who believe such remarks! Be smart enough to know you possess innumerable possibilities that can take you anywhere you seek to go, provided you harness your endless potential meticulously.

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Recently I came across a wonderful story that proves how important you are, despite you believing the otherwise.

A coal tit and a dove were sitting together on a branch of a tree.
"Do you know the weight of a snowflake?" asked the coal tit.
"Well," laughed the dove, "Of course! It weighs nothing at all." The dove secretly thought in his mind that such a silly thing even a coal tit should know.
"In that case," the coal tit said, "I must tell you a surprising story."
"Once, in a cold shivering night, when it started snowing, I was sitting on a branch of a fir tree. Since I had nothing to do, I started counting snowflakes. I counted up to thirty two lakh, fifty thousand, nine hundred and eighty seven snowflakes. When the thirty two lakh, fifty thousand, nine hundred and eighty eight snowflake dropped onto my branch, the branch broke and I had to fly away."
After saying so, the coal tit flew away. The dove thought carefully and finally said to himself:
"Each of us is unique and extraordinary as a snowflake. No matter how light or insignificant we seem, our contribution always makes the difference. Let us not shrug our responsibilities. Instead, let us be like the last snowflake that can fell a branch..."

Answer these few questions:
✩ Are you small?
✩ Do you think you are too tiny to bring a change?
✩ Do you feel you are insignificant?
✩ Do you consider yourself trivial to your peers?
If the answer is YES, then immediately change it to NO! And if the answer is NO, then you already know your greatness. You are magnificent; not because I say so, but because you are so! So, stop underestimating yourself.

Your self-worth must be defined by your efforts that you have put in and your ideas you look forward to actualize. How others judge you, is secondary. First, you judge yourself with optimism in you.

So, whenever you feel inferior, repeat this motivational mantra to rebuild your self-confidence:
I am a voice that can influence millions. I am the sun that can illuminate the path. I am a beacon that can guide the lost ones. I am a seed in which lies the overwhelming expanse of the tree. I am not insignificant... because, I MATTER, no matter what!

Bhala Ho (Stay Blessed)

© by Manas Madrecha

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