You are beautiful!

"Oh, you are looking good today!" One such remark, and it makes your day. How we long to get admired! But, conversely, when someone frowns upon your dress or hair or countenance, it's like you plunge into the deepest hole of depressive disorder. We all love to look lovely, but why is that we need others to validate our loveliness?

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I Matter, No Matter What! - Get Inspired

We are surrounded by stupidity - demoralizing allegations, demotivating comments, dejecting criticism and forlorn you-can't-do-this label! But that is not a relevant fact. Unfortunately, the relevant fact is many of us tend to believe this stupidity and in turn demean our awesomeness.

We have been told sometimes to limit our vision, because some things are just not what we can achieve. You should try something else, because you are not capable or you don't have the ability. But, stupid are those who believe such remarks! Be smart enough to know you possess innumerable possibilities that can take you anywhere you seek to go, provided you harness your endless potential meticulously.

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Recently I came across a wonderful story that proves how important you are, despite you believing the otherwise.
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The Rainbow of Fear - Short Story with 7 Effects of Fear

They got off the car, all of them, brimming with excitement. Their friend was waiting, tickets in hand. They had planned this long ago, but schedules had clashed. Until this moment. They knew what was in store for them for the next ten minutes. As they walked towards the place, the words, ‘Welcome to Scary Fort’ burning bright atop the building for all to see, they cracked jokes among themselves and clicked selfies. Yet, the moment the huge wooden doors closed, and a hand reached out from the curtains to beckon them forward, their screams echoed loud and clear from the narrow passage ahead. FEAR SELLS.

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Truth is above everything - Hindi Poem on Satya

Under the pretext of being practical or sometimes to simply avoid deserving punishments, we justify our habit of telling lies. However, irrespective of that, deep inside our heart, our guilty conscience screams out in protest. Following is a poem by Manas Madrecha, that narrates the significance, use and advantages of resorting to Truth:

Based upon the visibility of Hindi script on your device or you being a non-Hindi reader or not, you may check following utilities below:

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Dear Diary - Amazing Story on Perspectives

Dear Diary is a story that entwines around an estranged relationship between a mother and son. Why is the mother so cruel? Or is she? Read this amazing story to know more.


20th July, 2014 (10:00 PM)
~ by Chirag
Dear Diary,

Today was no different from any other day. As usual, Mom had a huge fight with Dad. She shouted at him, and Dad refrained. The Superman toy Dad gifted me, Mom broke it into pieces with all her wrath.

I had no audacity to intervene in their blatant conversation, else Mom would slap me, or maim me again. Like she had done the last time when Dad got me a lavish beverage. Hence, I went to school with a hard smile on my lips; a sham, once again.
During the morning assembly, I was called on the stage. Principal Ma'am, my teachers, and all the students sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for me. I turned thirteen today. But Mom had forgotten to wish me. My friends asked me what time I'd cut my birthday cake at the evening party. They also wanted to know what special I brought for lunch. Mom had packed chapatis with pickle. She was in a hurry. She has a job. Once, when she was humming a lullaby, she told me how strict her boss was. She worked night shifts those days.

Dad made dinner today, as Mom was busy. But he was upset because I couldn’t cherish my birthday gift that he had given me. Mom lied to me. She said she was busy at work today, but she had been somewhere else. Rajan, my friend told me he had seen her on the road.

I love Dad more than Mom. She is always angry and working. She even left me all alone on the road yesterday. Dad talks to me, he gets me gifts and loves me too.

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20th July, 2014 (10:00 PM)
~ by Mother Rani
Dear Diary,

Today was Chirag’s birthday. I didn’t wish him. How could I? On the very morning of his birthday, his father ended up doing something utterly silly. I had earned money to pay for his school fees, but he got him a useless toy instead. He is the biggest blunder of my life. Chirag has no idea that he’ll soon be out of his school. The little money that I had earned the previous month, his father spent that on whiskey bottles. I won’t spare him for that.

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Any Other Teen Girl - Short Story for Teenagers

Indubitably, teenage is the most exciting phase in any person’s life. What makes it so special is the carefree attitude, remarkable friendship with our classmates, endless hangouts with our exceptional gang, comprising of “Best Friends Forever”, and yes, insipid infatuation, often termed as “True Love”. It becomes more amazing when one has a substantial popularity among the peers, as well as in the opposite gender’s gossips.

Owing to my incredible and eventful teenage life (I am not bragging), on a personal note, I am often asked to share those peculiar incidents that were well known by most of our school and college mates. However, the recurrent request is to narrate these instances from my own perspective and as to how I looked upon them.

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The following anecdote is one of my personal favorite. It is a simple tale of a simple girl. A girl, that basked in the sunshine of a boy. A girl who drifted in the fragrance of love. A girl who embarked on her journey to seek her prince charming. Did she get what she was looking for? But, what was she looking for?
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Depravity - A Mind blowing Story with a Twist

I see her walking around the school, her practiced gait making sure that the boys notice her, and perhaps more importantly, that I notice her.

Perhaps some sort of perversion, or perhaps a twisted sense of fashion makes her pull her skirt up and tuck the folds inside her waist, her loose sweater covering any shreds of evidence that could prove her guilty of showing off her legs a little too much.

Once I noticed the top button of her shirt unbuttoned too. But today is not that lucky day. The sweater has kept her covered.

Her classmates are attending the science seminar, but that probably does not pique her interest so much. I see her in the school canteen now, perched atop a high stool, showing off a lot more of her legs than usual.

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Vengeance is an Illusion - Hindi Poem on Revenge

To keep ignited a burning desire to avenge some past folly committed by someone, is harmful for you alone. At any point point of time, it is better to adopt compassion over hatred. Following is a poem by Manas Madrecha, that narrates how logical it is to seek Forgiveness from others and Forgive others on your part too:
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Advices that will definitely lead you to Success

Along with being a man of action, I am an observant. Based upon my interactions with multitudes of people and personal experiences, I have proposed some invigorating advice. I'm sure if you try to encompass them in your lives, then success would be a byproduct of your karma.

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